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  • It’s not always a niche problem.

    It’s not always a niche problem.

    It’s normal to think there is a niche problem when clients are not coming.⁠⁠But more times than not, it has nothing to do with your niche.⁠⁠It’s about you not believing that there are people in your niche who want and are willing to invest in what you’re offering.⁠⁠Your uncertainty comes across in your marketing.⁠⁠It makes…

  • What You SHOULD Want

    What You SHOULD Want

    Here’s what you SHOULD want…⁣⁣Or so they say.⁣⁣We’ve been conditioned to believe that we SHOULD: ⁣⁣☑️ Want to go to college⁣☑️ Want to be in a career using our degree⁣☑️ Want to climb the corporate ladder⁣☑️ Want to stay at a job until we retire ⁣☑️ Want to choose a prestigious job over passion and…