Find Your Niche in 6 Minutes

In this video, I’m going to show you the ONE thing that’s missing from your niche that’s impacting your ability to sign clients AND what to do about it.

In less than 6 minutes, you will have everything you need to find your perfect niche – the one that will be so clear for you that you’ll feel confident about sharing it with the world.

After changing my niche 48.3 times, I finally figured it out. ⁠

As being a human would have it, I was looking everywhere else for the answer. ⁠

❌ Looking at what other successful coaches were doing. ⁠
❌ Latching on to ideas/recommendations from everyone else. ⁠
❌ Looking to the Googles ⁠

Never feeling connected to any of those ideas but hoping one of them was the right one. ⁠

(You know, the one that would make my business take off ? and allow me to sail off into the sunset. ??⛵) ⁠

When I really thought about who I felt most connected to, it’s women who are walking in their purpose as coaches like me. ⁠

And the problem they’re facing is they’re not making the impact they want yet.⁠

I realized what’s in the way of that for a lot of coaches is niche drama. ⁠

So I was determined to figure it out for myself and then help them do it too.⁠

Ultimately, I decided on my niche by really looking at who I felt connected to when thinking about my own life experiences and challenges that I’ve overcome.⁠

Then looked at how my God-given gifts and talents helped me do that. ⁠

That led me to my purpose-aligned niche, which led me here creating a life of true purpose and fulfillment through helping other women do the same.⁠

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