Powering Through

Going through these past couple of weeks of putting gluten into my gluten-intolerant body, I had to pray for strength. Strength to continue doing it because I know it was necessary for accurate testing (endoscopy). Strength to keep pushing daily even though I was very sleep-deprived. Operating on an average of about two hours of sleep each night, I cannot take the credit for being able to function (good or bad, haha!). But for realz, I have to give God all the glory for bringing me through it. If you haven’t already, check out the gluten back story.

UPDATE: I received the results from the endoscopy and there was no trace of celiac! Honestly, I did not know whether to rejoice or cry. Rejoice because praise God that I don’t have Celiac Disease. Cry because if it’s not celiac, then what is it? The doctor’s and my theory is that I was not able to get enough gluten in my system for it to do any damage to my stomach for it to show up on the endoscopy. This is highly likely because I ended up quitting twice during my free-to-eat-gluten period because I kept getting so sick. That means that it is still possible that I have Celiac Disease. So there was another test that she wanted to do and I let her know that I was willing to do anything she wanted as long as it did not consist of me eating gluten. She agreed. So we did that test and I am now awaiting the results of that test. Hopefully, this will let me know if I have Celiac or just a gluten sensitivity. Either way, the treatment is still the same…gluten-free diet. And I’m ok with that.

I posted the top view of this t-shirt on Instagram, but I wanted to share the front view with you. This is another creation from Kasidy’s Kloset and it is BY FAR my favorite statement tee from her. Not only is it neon green, but it also makes a powerful statement.



Tee: Kasidy’s Kloset | Jeans: American Eagle | Loafers: Peter Millar | Necklace: Walmart

Of course I would pair it with pops of pink. Because what other color exists?


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  1. Pipes Avatar

    I love your spirit and constant reliance on God. That shirt is so awesome!! He truly gives us the power each and everday.

    1. gbsmith06@gmail.com Avatar

      Thanks, Jen! Girl, we have to.

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