Sneaker Love

I used to be a MAJOR sneaker head growing up. I wanted every pair of Nike Air Max that came out. My parents and boyfriend (now hubby) supported this addiction. But then I graduated college and had to start adulting, which meant getting a job. I am in IT so my first two jobs allowed me to wear whatever I wanted. However, I quickly learned to start dressing for the position I wanted, not the position I currently had. It was then that I discovered the beauty of a pair of heels and how I could get that same feeling AND appear taller at the same time! It’s been on and poppin’ ever since.

Anyway, this meant that I rarely got the chance to wear sneakers anymore so I don’t bother buying many of them these days. BUT THESE?!?! I had to have. You know how on cartoons, you see the character’s heart eyes pop out of their heads on a spring (like the ? emoji on crack) when they see something/someone they really love? Yeah that was me with these Rose Gold Nike Air Max.

Shoes: Nike (exact, exact)

I couldn’t wait to style these babies. I didn’t want anything taking away from them so I went for as basic as I could get. A plain white tee and white jeans with matching rose gold accessories. But don’t look at me. Look at the shoes. ?

BTW, it was cold as all get-out when we took these pics!!! See the bumps on my arm? LOL!!! Shout out to my girl, Latoya! She’s the best. #fashionbloggerlife


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  1. Quetta Avatar

    Omg! They sold out in my size and I went complete OD on rose gold accessories! I wanted to pair them with all black or blue jean, but the white is really cute, too!! Now tell me where you got the necklaces, please and thanks!! Love the look!! ❤❤❤

    1. Avatar

      Ahhh dang! Yeah, they kept selling out but they got more in right before Christmas and I was able to snag a pair. The necklace is so old, girl, but it’s from Bauble Bar.

  2. Yissel Avatar

    I had a surprised seeing you with sneakers. It’s amazing how you make everything stylish. But the best part is the nuggets of wisdom you leave on every single post, and this wasn’t an exception: “I quickly learned to start dressing for the position I wanted, not the position I currently had.” Thank you for bringing us joy, ideas, and inspiration every week! ?

    1. Avatar

      Thanks so much, Yissel! It was a pretty crazy addiction actually but it was me for a long time. And yep, I knew I didn’t want to be in an entry level position for long so I had to figure out what I needed to do to make moves. And my dress code was the first step, even though the company’s dress code was relaxed. Thanks so much for the love, girl. ?

  3. Jen Avatar

    Chainz on your neck gurl!! Love that double chain necklace!! I love my sneaks too! Love the blogging sneaks (Adidas, Stans) and also the high tops. I’m ‘also diggin’ that rose gold color. You don’t see that color so often and it’s just so stunning!

    1. Avatar

      Thanks, J! I got the chain from Bauble Bar years ago and I still rock it. Yeah something about the rose gold that takes it to another level.

  4. Mizfabulousity Avatar

    I love the sneaks !! I need them in my life . Do they run true to size ? I’m a 6.5-7… should I get a 7? I’m a sneaker head too but now I only buy workout ones :/ . None for fun … maybe these ….

    1. Avatar

      Thanks, girl! The sizes are typical Nike. These are kids sizes so whatever size you wear in those. They’re pretty fun!

  5. Latoya Avatar

    Aww shucks ?.. I really am digging these and wish I had a pair (jelly).. I’m all about my sneakers too, and loved how you paired the white (classic).

    1. Avatar

      Haha!! Thanks, girl!

  6. Dazhane Fisher Avatar
    Dazhane Fisher

    I’m a shoe addict. I’m not a big sneaker head, but I love heels. I love those Rose Gold Nike Air Max’s. I like how your whole outfit atire white and then the shoes just makes everything pop. You look beautiful!!

    1. Avatar

      Thank you so much!! I haven’t bought a pair of sneakers (outside of those for working out in) in a long time, but there caught my eye and I had to have them. Thanks for reading!

  7. Janel Avatar

    As you k know I am a sneaker fanatic!! DedicTed an post on them!! These are fabulous!! I am a Nike fan too!!!

    1. Avatar

      I haven’t been getting back into them much until last year. But these rose gold ones stole my heart. Thanks for the love, girl. xo

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