#1 Reason Why We Don’t Follow Our Dreams

If you read my previous post, then you know that the reason why I wasn’t following my dream was because I didn’t believe it was possible. I didn’t believe it was possible because of the thoughts that I had about it. So let’s talk about what that means.

In life, we have the following:

  • Circumstances
  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Actions
  • Results

Circumstances are facts. They are things that everybody can agree on. Examples of circumstances are “The sky is blue.” Or “She sent a text message saying that she was running late.”

Thoughts are our opinions or what we think about circumstances. Examples are “The sky is beautiful.” Or “She is rude for sending that text message.”

Feelings are our emotions that come from the thoughts that we have about circumstances. Examples are grateful or annoyed.

Actions are our behaviors that come from feeling certain way. Examples of your actions when thinking that the sky is beautiful might be that you take a quiet moment to sit outside and appreciate it. Your action when you think that she is rude for sending that text might be to send a rude text back to her.

Results are the outcomes that we experience in life as a result of the actions that we take. Your results will ALWAYS, ALWAYS line up with the thought you have about the circumstance. The result of sitting outside to appreciate the beautiful sky is that we get to experience the beauty of the sky. The result of you sending a rude text back to her is that now, you are rude for sending the text message.

We call this The Model. Here is my model for the way I used to think about following my dream:

Circumstance – Dream (Life Coach)
Thought – There is no way I can make that happen at this point.
Feeling – Defeated
Actions – Sitting around feeling sorry for myself, continue doing what I’ve been doing and living a mediocre life, basically inaction
Results – I’m not doing anything to make it happen at this point.

You see how the results I got matched the thought I had? This is why it’s important to choose your thoughts carefully. Now notice I said “choose.” I didn’t HAVE to think “There is no way I can make that happen at this point.” I was CHOOSING to think that about my dream. And realizing this, my friends, changed the game for me. Because just like I was choosing to think that, I could choose to think something else!! And BOOM!!!

The #1 reason why we don’t follow our dreams is because we don’t THINK we can.

Gabrielle, The Thought Trainer


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  1. Yissel Avatar

    Soooo excited to see you back and sharing this with us! So true!!! ?

    1. gbsmith06@gmail.com Avatar

      Hey!! Thank you so much!!

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