The Pink Ladies Pledge 

My favorite movie of all time is Grease 2. My cousins and I used to watch this movie so much that we still know all the lines and all the songs years later. They should’ve just given us the script. Ha! Anyway, there’s this girl group in the movie called the Pink Ladies. Growing up, I thought they were the coolest thing poppin’ with their pink bomber jackets.

When I saw this pink bomber jacket, I immediately thought of the Pink Ladies. I had to have it…if only to live out my dream of becoming a Pink Lady. Plus, bombers are all the rave right now so it just made sense.

Jacket: Boutique (via Poshmark)

This one is very lightweight,  which is perfect for the current weather. When it gets cooler, I’ll layer it with thicker pieces. It has gold zipper details on the sleeves and a gold zipper closure.


I have linked this jacket so that you can become a Pink Lady too (or just be cute in a pink bomber jacket). There are only a few sizes left. Mention that you saw it here on P&G and get 10% off!!

Remember, The Pink Ladies Pledge: To act cool. To look cool. And to beeeee cool. ?

Seriously, if you like musicals and haven’t seen Grease 2, you should watch it. Even if you don’t like musicals all like that (like me), still watch it. It’s the best movie.

Much love,



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  1. Jen Avatar

    I’m so embarrassed to say that I haven’t seen Grease!!!!! What is my life as a musician. I’m going to HAVE to watch it now bc I want to be a pink lady too!! I love that bomber jacket. I have a similar one and it’s so perfect for the cooler weather.

    1. Avatar

      Girl, you have GOT to see it! I like them both, but Grease 2 is actually my favorite. Let’s talk about it after you’ve seen it! xo

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