Three Ways to Style Blush Pants

I love to buy pieces that I can style many different ways. These are the pieces on which I am willing to spend more than I normally would spend. Blush pants, for me, are the equivalent of black pants. They go with everything for every season, contrary to certain “rules of fashion” (whatever that means). This pair is from The Limited and is fully lined so they work for colder temps as well as warmer weather. I actually paid full price for these and that never happens. SN: I am a very cheap shopper, but I am a sucker for pink. Want me to buy it? Make it in pink and it’s sold. Anywho, I probably wear these pants to work every other week, all year long.  Each time I decide to wear them, I have envisioned a completely new look. Today, I am sharing with you 3 of my favorite ways to style these fabulous blush pants for work. I have also linked some options for blush pants.

My exact pants are no longer available since The Limited went out of business, but I found some other cute options here, here, and here.

How would you style your blush pants? Which one of the 3 styles presented is your fave?

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12 responses to “Three Ways to Style Blush Pants”

  1. Naomi Avatar

    Great color pant! Such a great alternative to a black pant. Always great to pay a little more for an item you really want to add to your closet. Nice!!

    1. Avatar

      Thank you so much! Yep. I tend to invest in pieces that I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of.

  2. Yissel Avatar

    I loved those pants on you! You made me think about getting one for myself. ? Happy Easter!!!!

    1. Avatar

      Yes! You should! Thank you, love. Hope you had a fabulous Easter!

  3. Janel Avatar

    I looove the third look. I actually don’t own any blush pink pants, but I do own a lot of blush pink blouses, and they are my go-to neutrals for spring and summer!!! You are so right, they are the perfect neutrals.

    1. Avatar

      Girl, blush is my jam! Thank you so much for reading!

  4. Latoya Avatar

    So I loved the style with the purple vest! I’m a sucker for purple. I’ve never owned a pair of blush pants, but feel I need to invest in me a pair. All of the looks were amazing!

    1. Avatar

      You definitely should, girl. I wear them all year long. Thanks, friend. xo

  5. Jen Avatar

    Since blush is so light, I’d go with the first look. It pairs well with all the other soft, neutral colors and like you said, it’s pretty much the equivalent of black in my book too!! You can wear it year round. Definitely agree on that.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks, Jen! Yes, I love all the pastel/soft colors in the first look.

  6. Jessica Avatar

    Your pants are adorable! I love that it is so versatile too!
    Jessica |

    1. Avatar

      Thank you so much! Blush is my jam!

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