What problem to solve in my niche

I recently started my skincare journey.

When I was looking for products, I looked for a line that would solve my SPECIFIC problem, which was: the lack of vibrancy and tightness of my skin.

While there are TONS of products that will help with that, the product line I ultimately chose made it very clear that their stuff solves for that.

Their messaging says “…experience the difference in healthier, smoother, glowing skin.”

Compare that to messaging that says “…experience the ultimate self-care.”

Yes, self-care is part of it, but it doesn’t speak to the specific problem I was looking to solve…so I kept scrolling.

When you think about your audience, can they look at your bio/content and know what problem you solve for them?

Do they see “…helping you start a business (become a life coach, get a promotion, find a partner, create more time, get over heartbreak, etc.)?”

Or do they see “…helping you create a life you love (become the best version of yourself, stop playing small, feel empowered, etc.)?”

If they see the latter, then they don’t see you as a solution to their specific problem.

I want you to have people reaching out about your offer every single day.

Wanting to know more, wanting to book a consult, wanting to work with you. 🥰

But they have to know you can solve their problem.

I want to challenge you to get specific.

Try it for three months.

I promise you’ll see the difference.

Here’s to getting more consults and signing more clients! 🥂