Nobody is paying you for coaching

“You’re giving me the recipe and I just wanna eat.”

My corporate client would say this while rolling his eyes (Rude!) as I’m giving him our process for creating the software he hired us for. 

He only cared that he got the robust system he paid for in the end. 

He was less interested in the process to get there. 

I had no idea that this would be a key lesson that I would take with me into entrepreneurship.

Our coaching clients are paying us for a result – the answer to a specific problem they have.

❌ Not coaching. 

❌ Not transformation. 

❌ Not changing their thoughts. 

❌ Not shifting their mindset. 

❌ Not managing their minds.  

Nobody’s paying you for that.

As coaches, WE’RE not even paying for those things.

Think about the last time you invested in a coaching program. You didn’t pay for somebody to coach you.

You paid for what you’d get as a result of the coaching. 

✅ A solid niche.

✅ Sign more clients. 

✅ Spend more time with family. 

✅ Find your soul mate. 

✅ Lose weight. 

✅ Better relationship with your teenager. 

✅ Publish a book. 

✅ Less stress/overwhelm

✅ Become a full time coach

As coaches, we know that coaching, transformation, and mind management is the answer. That’s the process.

But in our marketing, we lose people when we try to sell them on that process because most times they don’t have the context. 

We have to sell them on a result.

This is why it’s important that you’re clear on who you help and what you help them with.

And making sure that the “what you help them with” is clear and specific. 💡

It’s the difference between signing clients and not signing clients.


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