3 Steps to Decide Who to Help as a Life Coach

Many of my clients come to me not having a clue as to who they want to help in their life coaching business.

This is normal. 

In fact, it took me a few iterations to figure it out for myself.

However, the following three steps are ultimately what helped me decide who I wanted to help as a coach:

  1. Start with your God-given gifts – There are things that you are just good at. It comes naturally for you and takes little effort. People with these same gifts are likely your people and you know their struggles.
    (musicians, dancers, athletes, writers, painters, quilters, caretakers, teachers, bakers, advisors, leaders, coaches, etc.)
  2. Add your life experiences – Knowing what it feels like to experience certain challenges and what it feels like to be on the other side of it makes you want to help others through it.
    (addictions, overeating, domestic abuse, weight loss, anxiety, career transition, divorce, death, etc.)
  3. Put them together: Gifts + Experiences = Perfect Fit Niche – Putting these two together gives you your perfect fit niche that aligns with who you are and allows you to help who you’re meant to help.
    (help musicians overcome anxiety, help writers lose weight, help women through divorce, help caretakers through death, etc.)

There is a Perfect Fit Niche for you.

When you discover it, you will feel confident, knowing you can help your people.

Click HERE for 25 Perfect Fit Niche Examples to help you get started.

Your people are waiting for you.



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