Are you Purpose-Interested or Purpose-Committed?

Many people are interested in finding and doing their purpose work in the world. They think about it often, they read about it, they admire others who are doing similar work, and they might even attend a conference or buy a program.

But then that’s it.

When you are committed to doing your purpose, you take it a step further and actually put what you’ve learned through interest into action in your own life.

Purpose-Interested has no result or outcome tied to it. It’s just means you’re curious about it. You have interest in it. And that is pretty much how you live your life – being interested in the life that you want (thinking about it, reading about it, admiring others who live it), but not really doing anything to get it for yourself.

Purpose-Committed has the result of living a meaningful life tied to it. You’re beyond interested – you’re wholeheartedly dedicated to getting it. You’re committed to figuring out what work would be most meaningful for you and to taking steps to do it so that you create the life that you want.

Think about where you are when it comes to doing your purpose. Are you interested or are you committed?

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