But What About All The Time And Money You’ve Invested In Your Career?


No amount of time or money previously invested (in school, in your career, etc.) is worth sacrificing your inner peace and fulfillment.⁣

You’ve been taught that you pick a career and you “stick it out” until you retire.⁣

It doesn’t matter that you wake up feeling miserable everyday.⁣

Or that you’re stressed and overwhelmed and burnt out and your health is suffering because of it. ⁣

Or that you don’t have time for your family or yourself because you’re so consumed with work. ⁣

Or that you’re constantly being nudged towards something else that aligns with your passions.⁣

What you want matters. ⁣

Though there were good intentions behind what you were taught, it’s keeping you stuck in a life that you’re unsatisfied with.⁣

You get to decide if you want to stay the course… ⁣

Or if you want to create your own, where you wake up and do work that you’re absolutely passionate about, which energizes you for time spent with your family and other things that are important to you.⁣

What’s it gonna be?⁣

Your Purpose Coach, 

P.S. If you’re ready to go all in your business, doing the work that you’re absolutely passionate about, without the risk of it not being profitable or sustainable, let’s talk. Click HERE to schedule a consultation.


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