Forget Starting Over

You think if you leave your career, you’re starting over.⁠

But you’re not.⁠

It’s like driving for a while and then getting to a fork in the road where you have to decide whether to keep going straight or bear off in a different direction.⁠

To choose a different direction, you’re not going back to where you started – you’re bearing off from where you are now.⁠

You’re bringing all of the knowledge and experience from your career into your business.⁠

You’re probably thinking that your knowledge and experience is totally unrelated so is not transferable to your business.⁠

I promise you that’s not true.⁠

Writing C# code as a Software Engineer gave me mental stamina, patience, and a strong attention to detail.⁠

As a Project Manager, I learned the skills of planning and organizing, as well as the importance of seeing/treating every person as an individual.⁠

All of which helps me tremendously as a life coach today.⁠

Your skills are transferable too.⁠

And it adds to the value that you’re providing to your customers/clients which is factored into how much you charge.⁠

(And if you’re not factoring that into your price, we definitely need to talk.)⁠

This is just one of the things we look at when we’re creating your Exit Plan for leaving your job. ⁠

So if you’re ready to bring everything you’ve learned and experienced and go all in on your business, click HERE. It’s time. Let’s. Go.⁠


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