What other people are charging is none of your business.

When it comes to your business, it doesn’t matter what anybody else is charging.

I was recently coaching a client on her pricing.

She had a price that she was charging, but she found out that her price is more than someone she knows who is doing the same thing.

So she wanted to lower her price.

It makes sense because we’re taught to base our prices on what our competitors are charging.

Here’s the thing. You have no competition.

You may be offering what someone else is offering, but you are delivering it in a way that only you can; therefore, reaching people that only you can.

You have your people that you’re meant to serve. Other people have their people that they’re meant to serve.

So when it comes to your pricing, charge what feels true to you – a price that you can stand behind and deliver on.

What other people are charging is none of your business.

P.S. If you think you should be charging more than you’re currently charging, you’re probably right. AND not doing so is probably prolonging your Exit Date. Let’s talk. Click HERE for a free consultation.


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