How I knew my niche was “the one”

It’s like being in love and knowing that person is “the one.” ❤️

Sounds cliche’ but…when you know, you know. 

But here is how I knew:

When I think about the woman who is struggling with her niche, I feel a deep connection to her.

I feel a pull to help her.

Because I know her struggles.

I know her pain.

I know her desires.

I know she just wants to serve the people she’s meant to serve.

I know this because I was her.

So I’m excited to show up and help her every single day.

AND when I show up where she hangs out…

And I speak to her like I know her, she responds.

So, how do you know when your niche is “the one?”

You connect with it deeply.

So deep that you know everything about them:

💛 What they’re thinking
💛 What they’re feeling
💛 What they’re doing
💛 Where they hang out

And if you show up where they hang out, speak to them like you know them, and they respond?

That’s “the one.” 🏆


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