“So many niche ideas! How do I choose just one?”

“I have so many niche ideas. How do I choose just one?”

I love this question.

When we have many interests and passions, choosing a niche can quickly become overwhelming. 🤯

What happens is our brains tell us that there are right niches and wrong niches.

And if we choose a wrong one, then we’re doomed.

Sounds dramatic, but that’s how our brains work.

But here is what I want to offer:

While I believe you can make almost any niche work (there is no “wrong” niche), I also believe you make the most impact, have the most fun, and make the most money sustainably when you’re in the niche that is aligned with your purpose.

For example, I have a passion for fashion, writing, reading, and fitness. 🥰

While I enjoy those things and they have organically become part of my brand, my purpose is rooted in helping other women walk boldly in their purposes as life coaches.

That is what has made the biggest impact in my life so that is where I know I can make the biggest difference in other people’s lives. 

So, if you’re struggling to decide on a niche because you have so many ideas, look beyond your passions. Look at what has:

  1. Required the most change in you (transformation)
  2. Made the biggest impact on your life

That is your purpose-aligned niche because it has positioned you perfectly to help make that change in someone else’s life. 🙌🏾


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