How to Incorporate Something New into Your Style

I am still not sure how to put my style into words. I just know it when I see it. There are certain items that I see where I am like “Ooh, yeah, that’s me. I gotta have that.” But then there are other times where I will be like “Oh, that’s cute” and keep moving because although it is cute, it is not my style. However, occasionally I like to take that “Oh, that’s cute” item and make it my style. It becomes a challenge and I love a good challenge.

This vintage-style blouse, for example, would not normally be a piece that would “fit my style.” The high neck and embroidery details on the front caught my eye. It was so white and flowy and feminine. Plus, it was my size and on clearance for only $5 so I couldn’t just let it stay there! That would have just been rude. (And I am not a rude person.)

The best way to incorporate a “different” item into your style is to pair it with pieces from your signature look. One of my signature looks consists of a cute shirt, skinny jeans, and cute heels. So to make this blouse my own, I paired it with a pair of my favorite skinny jeans and my favorite pink heels.

Blouse: Old Navy | Jeans: Citizens of Humanity | Shoes: ALDO

I love the embroidery. For me, this detail takes the blouse to another level. Very soft and feminine.


Had to get that sassy pose in! My mini-photographer had me being silly.


How do you incorporate different pieces into your style?



6 responses to “How to Incorporate Something New into Your Style”

  1. Quetta Avatar

    Cuuuuuuute!! I need to start doing different when it comes to dress. I will no longer suck at it.

    1. Avatar

      Thank you! ? LOL! You do not suck at it, silly.

  2. Pipes Avatar

    Girl that blouse is so you! It’s really elegant and how could you pass it up for 5 bones! Omg, loving the whole look. ❤️

    1. Avatar

      Thanks, Jen!! That must mean I nailed it. ?

  3. Yissel Avatar

    Loved this one! You really made it your own.

    1. Avatar

      Thank you! The price was too good not to make it work. Lol!

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