How to Keep Going

You keep going by being willing to fail over and over again.

I have failed my way to where I am right now, to this exact moment. I have invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in several business opportunities that I thought would give me the fulfillment that I have now with life coaching. Each time I would realize that “Nah girl, this ain’t it”, I could have just quit and settled for where I was. And ohhh how I wanted to most times!!

But because I was committed to getting here, I was willing to fail over and over again until I got it. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve always said that failure is not an option. Until I realized that it is THE ONLY way to winning.

Being willing to fail means not caring about what other people think.

Being willing to fail means having your own back regardless of the outcome.

Being willing to fail means knowing your why and being committed to getting the result you want.

Being willing to fail means being willing to get 100 “No’s” to get to a “Yes.”

Being willing to fail means knowing that the worst thing that can happen is a feeling that you create by what you make the failure mean…when really all it means is that you are a bada$$ who is willing to do what most people are afraid to do, and that is TRY and TRY AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. Eventually you. will. win.

So go out there and apply for 100 loans until you get that one approval. Go on 100 dates until you find the one person who lights up your whole world. Go on 100 interviews until you get that dream job. Try 100 business ideas until you find the one that sets your soul on fire. Each time you fail, you get one step closer to the win.

So, your job for the next 6 months is to fail. WHAAAAAT?! Yep, get to 100 “No’s.” Literally write down each failure on paper and number them. Then hit me up when you get that “yes.” It’s coming. Cheers to failing! ? 

Keep going.

Gabrielle, The Thought Trainer


4 responses to “How to Keep Going”

  1. Terrylynn Dupree Avatar
    Terrylynn Dupree

    This is a very relatable post. May we both keep failing to win in the end.

    1. Avatar

      Yes, YES!! Cheers to failing! ?

  2. Alisha Avatar

    I’m going to do it! I’m going to do 100xs without attachment to having to win. ?

    1. Avatar

      Yes! I love it! Do it!

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