“I don’t want to leave anybody out!”

I know you don’t want to leave people out.

We’re coaches – of course we want to help EVERYBODY.

But I want to challenge you to think about something and be honest with yourself about it.

What if you not wanting to leave people out is really about you and not about them?

Hear me out.

🤔 What if it’s about YOU thinking you won’t be able to find enough clients to make the money you want to make?

🤔 What if it’s about YOU wanting to coach on all the things you’ve learned about?

🤔 What if it’s about YOU feeling uncomfortable talking about certain things?

Wanting to help everybody sounds like it comes from a good place, but your results show that it doesn’t work.

What works is choosing a niche that targets your aligned people.

So then, is you not wanting to do that about others or about you?

With love. ❤️