Know Your Situation: Petites and Skirts

Happy Sunday!! As I sit here thinking about what to wear to church, I thought about why I never wear a particular skirt that I own. It is a pretty red, full, a-line skirt that was such a good idea at the time that I bought it. Just like with everything except pants, I did not bother trying it on before I left the store. I only tried it on when I was ready to wear it. It was a disaster — my hubby told me that it looked like an old lady skirt on me. ? Soooooo…yeah, you can find this lovely skirt for sale in my closet on Poshmark.

Being “vertically-challenged” has its challenges when it comes to the way clothes fit. For example, I feel like long, flowy skirts make me look frumpy. I stay away from those unless I’m at the beach, in which case I’ll likely have on a swimsuit with it.  So it works. Sometimes I see such cute stuff (on sale) but I have to bypass it because it just does not work for my body type. As an old friend would say, “Know your situation.”

When it comes to skirts, I mostly buy pencil skirts because they give the more tailored look which works for my size and height. They also elongate my legs and any help in that area is great. I have always played it safe with the standard knee-length pencil skirts but I decided to venture out and try the midi ones (which can be the non-petite sizes of a regular pencil skirt ) and I actually like those too! Here, I have a high waist pencil skirt that I paired with a nicely pleated blouse and snake print pumps.

TIP: A good way to transition a Fall/Winter piece into Spring is to pair it with a more Spring-like color. I chose a blush blouse to wear with this burnt orange skirt and neutral color snake print shoes. ?

Shirt: H&M (old) | Skirt: The Limited | Shoes: Nine West (old) | Necklace: H&M
Shirt: H&M (old) | Skirt: The Limited | Shoes: Nine West (old) | Necklace: H&M

6 responses to “Know Your Situation: Petites and Skirts”

  1. Yissel Avatar

    You are absolutely right!! I like how pencil skirts look on you, really! But I don’t like them for myself, I know my situation LOL

    1. Avatar

      LOL! That is definitely key! But I bet you could TOTALLY rock the full a-line skirts!!

  2. Pipes Avatar

    You don’t look short at all and the pencil skirt really does elongate your body! Girl, we all got situations of our own!

    1. Avatar

      Yes, we do! Girl, I’m 4’11. I love how the pics make me look tall. There’s a reason why I have my 8-year-old as a photographer. 😉

  3. Dr. Ruth Avatar

    I definitely know my situation! I have long legs and I love pencil skirts too. I like how pencil skirts fit me, if I do say so myself! lol

    Advice though, I like wearing white shirts because the look sharp and clean with any outfit..what other color undershirt works better than black?

    1. Avatar

      Well I’m usually all about color, but when it comes to a crisp white shirt, as long as the fit is right, I wouldn’t worry about wearing an undershirt.

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