Sweatshirt Dress (and Spring) Fever

This Spring-like weather in Atlanta over the past couple of weeks have been giving me life! I haven’t really had to wear a jacket or anything. I feel like I can come out of hibernation. It has been great.

This hoodie sweatshirt dress also gives me life! I love the color. Olive is just one of those colors that never gets old because it is so versatile. (SN: It is tricky to photograph though because it tends to blend in with the trees or other surroundings.) I also love that it is a dress. Wait, before you get carried away about me saying that I love a dress, let me finish. I love that it is a dress because it is an easy outfit. You just throw it on and keep going. I am still not a huge dress person, but sometimes it just works. Geez. Calm down.

The material is not real thick either, making it a great transition piece going into Spring. I’m all about transition pieces that I can wear from one season to the next.

It also has a functioning double hoodie, which looks really cool. I would never use it, but it’s there.  The hoodie adds that extra chill factor.  That, and the fact that it has pockets!!! Oh honey, you couldn’t tell me nothing during this shoot. I don’t think I took a single shot without at least one hand in the pocket. ?

I paired this with the best cognac boots ever! These boots go for about $650 and I thrifted them last year for way less than that. If you know me, you know that it had to be WAAAAAAAAY less than that (el cheapo over here!). I don’t think they’d been worn more than once or twice at the most. There were absolutely no signs of wear except that there was a tiny scuff in the leather. The owner agreed to take an additional amount off to offset the cost of me taking it for shoe repair. I ended up paying less than $100. I was so pleased with myself. Of course, I never got the scuff removed either. Can you see the scuff? Exactly.

I look forward to wearing this dress with sneakers when it’s warmer. I think it will look so cute.

So I can’t help you with the boots since they were a lucky find, but you can shop this dress in most sizes (it also comes in red) in my closet on Poshmark. Use code “HZTPM” and you’ll get $5 off.

Have a fabulous weekend, yall!


8 responses to “Sweatshirt Dress (and Spring) Fever”

  1. Dani Avatar

    I would absolutely rock the hoodie sweatshirt dress!!! Love the boots! ?

    1. gbsmith06@gmail.com Avatar

      Thanks, girl. I can definitely see you rocking it! xo

  2. Yissel Avatar

    I love your outfit, girl! I didn’t know you were not a dress person, but it definitely looks nice on you. Have an awesome weekend! 🙂

    1. gbsmith06@gmail.com Avatar

      I don’t hate them, but if given a choice, I’ll always choose pants. LOL! Thanks so much, Yissel. xo

  3. Latoya Avatar

    You are wearing this sweatshirt dress honey!! Love the whole ensemble, and how you paired it with the boots. I’m beginning to love the olive color, as well, it looks great on you! Can’t wait to see it with the sneakers ❤️️ Definitely need to look into getting me one, because the hoodie is screaming my name..

    1. gbsmith06@gmail.com Avatar

      Thank you so much, girl!! You will love this hoodie. It’s so comfy and easy. xo

  4. Jen Avatar

    Yo, I’m El Cheapo too!! I nearly died when I read that. LOL. We’re also twinnnnnnning. My next post will be about my Yeezy-esque olive sweatshirt that’s the same color of your dress. Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen you in a dress!?!?!?! OMG, what has this world come to G? Hahaha, jk. I love the double hood. It’s been pouring here. Send us some nice weather, will ya? Keep slaying girl!!

    1. gbsmith06@gmail.com Avatar

      Aww, thanks, J!! Girl, no. I don’t do dresses too often. I have several in my closet because I have great intentions when I buy them. LOL! I mostly wear them to church though. Can’t wait to see your olive sweatshirt! And cheers to El Cheapos!! Bwahahahahaha!! xo

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