The Top 3 Reasons Coaches Struggle to Sign Clients

Are you a new coach struggling to sign paid clients?

I get it. I’ve been there, and my clients come to me with the same struggles.

Here are what I’ve found to be the top 3 reasons why and what to do about them:

1. You aren’t clear on your niche (i.e., You’re in niche drama). You go back and forth about who you want to help and/or you question whether people want what you’re offering. You want to choose a niche that is aligned with your unique purpose so you know without a doubt that you’re helping exactly who you’re meant to help. You’ll have the clarity and confidence needed to show up and attract your clients to you.

2. You don’t know what to say to attract people who fit your niche (i.e., unclear messaging). This may look like attracting people who can’t pay or don’t fit your niche. So when you sit down to create an email or social media post, you get stuck because you don’t know what to say. You want to get clear on your messaging. That means speaking directly to the problems people in your niche are having so they’ll know you can help them and reach out to you for help.

3. You don’t like being visible on social media. You’ll post a quote all day, but when it comes to putting yourself out there and inviting people to work with you, forget about it. Most of us think we have to show up perfect (hair, makeup, super professional, etc.) because we make it about us and not about serving others. You just need to think about the people who need you, believe that you can help them with what you have to say, and say it.

Once you have each of these dialed in, you’ll start attracting and signing paid clients.

If you’re struggling with any or all of these, I can help you. Let’s talk.


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