Do you have to be on social media to sign clients?

Every time I get this question from clients, I am blown away.

Then I remember wondering the same thing when I first started.

“Do I HAVE to be on social media to get clients in my coaching business?”

The answer is no, but why wouldn’t you WANT to?

Social media is free marketing so why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that?

What stops most of my clients is worrying about what THEY THINK other people will think.

“Who does she think she is?”
“What makes her qualified to be a life coach?”

First, we have no idea what other people are thinking. So really it’s all made up in our minds.

Also, do you want to make decisions about your life based on what other people might think about it?

I’m guessing no.

Lastly, we tend to want to make social media marketing about us, but it’s not.

It’s about the people who are struggling with a problem that you have the solution for.

It’s about reaching them and letting them know you can help them.

And since over half the world now uses social media and you have free access to that population at your fingertips, why not use it to help people?


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