This time last year, I was just like you.

I had a full time corporate career and a side business.

One was a job that provided me the paycheck I wanted while the other provided me the purpose and fulfillment I craved.

I desperately wanted to go all in on what filled me up on the inside, but I was terrified of not making the money that I was used to. 

As a woman of God, I was all for stepping out on faith AND I wanted to be smart about it. There had to be a way to minimize the risk associated with leaving my corporate job and not making the money I needed to support myself and my family.

In my career as a Software Engineer, we would create these proof of concepts (POCs) to prove the feasibility of an idea before creating a full software solution for the client. 

I wondered how I could do the same for myself with my business. I wanted to prove that I could make the impact I wanted to make by helping my clients be successful while making the money I wanted to make without overworking and burning myself out in the process. 

So I created a POC for myself and over the next several months, I tested and tweaked, and tested and tweaked until I was able to prove that my business was feasible and exactly what I wanted it to be.

Within six months, I was able to resign from my corporate job to become a full time entrepreneur, feeling confident that I could maintain my lifestyle while doing the work I was meant to do in the world.

I am now living my dream. I wake up everyday excited about helping my clients create their dream life. I am at peace knowing that I’m doing exactly what I was created to do. And I have the freedom and flexibility that my soul has always craved. 

This is the same process I take my clients through to help them gain the security and the courage they need to leave their corporate job to go all in on the business that gives them the purpose and fulfillment they want. 

If you’re ready to leave your job, let’s work together to create your POC so that you can leave with confidence. Click HERE to schedule a consultation.

Let’s do this!


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