Why It Makes Perfect Sense

We’ve been conditioned to think that everything has to “make sense” to everybody in order to do it.

We think it doesn’t “make sense” to pursue what we love because we’ve been in our careers for x number of years or we’ve invested so much money in it.

It doesn’t “make sense” to leave a corporate job to become a wedding photographer.

It doesn’t “make sense” to leave your job as an attorney to become a life coach.

It doesn’t “make sense” to leave your finance job to travel the world.

WHY doesn’t it make sense and WHO doesn’t it make sense to?

It makes perfect sense to me that if something is not bringing you joy and you know that there are other options out there that will, you will pursue those other options. Regardless of how many years you’ve put into the current career or how “prestigious” your job is.

What DOESN’T make sense is CHOOSING to be miserable, unhappy, and unfulfilled every single day just because it doesn’t “make sense” to anybody else.

If it makes sense to you, then it makes perfect sense.

And if it makes perfect sense to you, it makes perfect sense to me. Because I believe that if God gave you the desire, then it’s yours for the taking. So let me help you get it. Click HERE to schedule a Clarity Call where we can see if we’re a good fit to work together to help you live out your purpose!


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