Why You Don’t Need Confidence

Everybody thinks confidence is needed in order to do things that make us uncomfortable.

However, confidence comes from having successfully done something in the past. For example, most of us are pretty confident that we can drive to the store and back because we’ve done it hundreds of times.

But what about when you’re wanting to do something you’ve never done?

For example, if you’ve been an Engineer your entire career but you now want to be a life coach. Where are you supposed to get the confidence when you’ve never done it?

This is where most of us get stuck and end up staying in situations that we’re not happy with. We’re waiting for confidence to appear from nowhere.

But you don’t need confidence. You need the willingness to feel any emotion and know that you’re gonna be ok no matter what.

What if you didn’t care how uncomfortable it was? What if it was so important to you that you were WILLING to risk feeling fear, disappointment, embarrassment, and shame to do it?

The great thing is that you’ve felt all these emotions before (which is why you avoid them) and you’re still alive and well. No, they don’t feel good, but they are temporary and you can handle it.

And they’re the ONLY thing stopping you from getting to where you wanna be.

Think about what you could accomplish if there was NO emotion that you weren’t willing to feel. You’d be unstoppable!

While confidence is great, you don’t need it to take the next step. You just need to be willing to feel uncomfortable and take the step anyway.

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