Why You SHOULD Listen to the Nudge

I remember the day it hit me that I was ignoring the nudge.

I was sitting in my cubicle at work finishing up some code for a website.

I would eventually turn everything over to the support team and that would be it. On to the next thing.

There was the satisfaction of making the site work with no bugs. If you’re a software engineer/developer, you know what I mean.

But there was no satisfaction in feeling like I was making an impact or making a difference in a way that felt meaningful for me.

I remember asking myself, “Is this it? This can’t be it. There HAS to be more.”

I know NOW that the mere fact that I was even questioning it meant that there was definitely more.

There will always be more that you can be doing, but when you are fulfilled, there will be a sense of satisfaction to go along with it.

You will want to do more, but not from the place of not being satisfied but BECAUSE you are satisfied.

For a long time, I ignored that nudge inside of me because I felt like I SHOULD have been satisfied with where I was (stable career, nice salary, awesome perks, and good benefits. Oh and because “other people would kill to be in my position”).

Why SHOULD I be satisfied with not making a difference in the way that was meaningful FOR ME? Why SHOULD I stay in a job/career that didn’t bring me joy? Why SHOULD I settle for the SHOULD’s that other people (society) made up for me?

No, I SHOULD make up my own SHOULD’s. I SHOULD live my life for ME. I SHOULD listen to the nudge inside of me because it guides me to a level of abundance, fulfillment, and purpose that other people’s SHOULD’s could never.

And you SHOULD too!

If this resonates with you and you’re feeling the nudge but also feel stuck in the SHOULD’s of life, I can help you. Click HERE and let’s get you the clarity and confidence that you need to do YOU.


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