Why You Shouldn’t Quit

I have a client who thought doing your purpose was supposed to be easy.

It was challenging for her so she thought “this must not be it” and quit.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if people gave up on their dreams when it got hard? 

I just think about all the inventions that led up to us being able to continue working, going to school, or just casually communicating in the middle of a pandemic. Computers, internet, webcams, speakers, virtual platforms, etc. What if these creators quit doing their purpose because it got hard?

Your purpose will not be easy. And it’s not supposed to be. 

When you align with your purpose, you will be using your gifts so some aspects of it will be easy because your natural abilities will come into play. However, it is designed to push you to grow into the next version of yourself so some of it will be challenging.

For me, my gift is in helping people through coaching and that’s the part of my purpose that I LOVE and it is easy for me. However, part of me being able to coach is actually running a business and that’s the hard part for me. But it’s worth it.

Your purpose is worth it. Others deserve to experience the results of you living in your purpose. You deserve to experience the results of you living in it.

If you’re not 100% clear on your purpose, we need to talk ASAP. You don’t want to go into another year without knowing exactly what you were put here to do. No, it won’t be easy. Yes, it will be worth it.

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