Why You’re Always Busy

We live in a world where we fill our lives up with stuff.

Whether it be material stuff or busyness, our time is spent focusing on it.

And most times it’s because we don’t want to deal with what is actually going on with ourselves.

Before I knew my purpose, I would keep myself busy with work or other activities. If I was idle, I would be forced to face myself. I would have to deal with the fact that I didn’t know why I was here and what I was supposed to be doing and feeling like a failure.

I knew I had a choice. I could stay busy running or I could get busy living.

I wanted to be a woman who showed up for her life fully – not someone who ran and undervalued herself just because it was uncomfortable.

I committed to finding my purpose and living in it.

You too have a choice. What will it be?

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