Are You the “Go-To” Friend?

I remember thinking about what my perfect career would look like. 

I knew it would involve me helping people, especially women, in a more direct way.

I loved people and learning about their stories and how that has shaped their current lives. 

I loved listening to challenges they were facing and giving them perspectives that they may not have considered.

I loved to help problem-solve.

So, naturally I was always the person my friends and family came to for advice when they had a decision to make or when they were dealing with an issue.

My perfect career was helping other women problem-solve and achieve goals, which led me to life coaching.

Seeing women doing things WAY beyond what they thought possible lights me up, fulfills me, and keeps me excited about life every single day.

You likely have a similar desire when it comes to your perfect career. 

Are you the “go-to” friend for advice? 

Do you enjoy helping others achieve their goals?

If so, life coaching is probably your thing.

Ready to find out for sure and start your career as a life coach? 

I did it. Click HERE and let’s talk about how I can help you do it too!

Let’s do this!


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