Choose Your Discomfort

True fulfillment will eventually require you to DO something.

When you are fulfilled, you will want to do things that continue to fuel those feelings. You will want to step up in your current position or apply for a new position/job or start volunteering or start your own business.

No matter what you choose, every aspect of it will not be in your comfort zone. Yes, a lot of it will be easy for you because it will likely be utilizing a gift that you already possess which is what triggered the desire. But some of it will require you to get from underneath your comfy blanket and grow into the next version of yourself.

And I get it, I’m in the middle of it right now. It is some some serious discomfort. Whew!

The alternative is to remain the same and deal with the other discomfort – the guilt, defeat, and misery of not going after what you really want because you were afraid.

You get to choose the flavor of discomfort that works for you. ?

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