It only took 30 minutes on our first call

Within 30 minutes of our first call, my client decided on the perfect niche.

She was telling herself that she didn’t know who to help, but really she did.

She was just doubting that those people would want what she was offering.

She wanted to help moms get their lives back after having given up everything after having kids.

This was something that she’d needed help with in the past and ended up having to figure it out for herself.

Because of the pain and suffering she went through with losing herself and not knowing what she wanted anymore, she knew she wanted to help others through that.

But she doubted people would want help with it.

My question was “If you knew help was available back then, would you have paid for that help?”

She immediately answered “YES!”

We are not unicorns, yall.

If you struggled with it, there are others out here struggling with it too and want someone to help them!

And you get to be the someone.

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