Do you wish that you would get fired from your job?

Do you wish that you would just get fired or laid off your job?

That way, you would be forced to get over your crap, stop making excuses, and actually figure out how to do what you know you’ve been called to do?

This is what many of my clients tell me at first.

Basically, you trust that you’ll figure it out once you’re thrown into a situation where you have to.

Many of yall live on this idea that you “thrive under pressure.”

Yes, I excluded myself because I absolutely do NOT thrive under pressure. In fact, it stresses me ALL THE WAY out, so…no thanks. LOL!!

I would much rather have a job and not have the pressure while I figure out how to make doing my purpose my main thing.

When you’re not under pressure, you get to try things and ultimately create the financial security that you need.

Then, you get to leave your job on your own terms — with a plan and a purpose.

You know what you’re meant to do.

You don’t need to be forced into it. 

You just need to remind yourself that you can figure this out.

You always have.

You got this.

Your Purpose Coach, 

P.S. Financial security is important to me and I know it is to you too. It’s probably the main thing that drives the fear when it comes to us living in our purpose.

This is why I created a process to help you create the financial security that you need before leaving your job. It helps you solidify your idea and minimize the risk of failure. 

Let’s talk about what this looks like for you. Click HERE to schedule a consultation and let’s get you living in your purpose in 2022!!


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