Nobody’s Coming to Save You

Nobody else is going to tell you the truth so allow me.

Every single day when you wake up, this feeling of dread washes over you as you think about going to your corporate job.

The people are annoying.

The work feels meaningless.

You’re stressed out and you wish you could leave.

You hope that one day things will become clear and you’ll know exactly what you’re meant to do and how to do it.

It’s like you’re waiting for God himself to come down and tell you exactly what to do.

It ain’t happening. And He ain’t coming, girl.

I know because I tried it. ?

He’s not giving you any more than He’s already given you – the desire in your heart.

At this point, it’s on you to make a move.

All it takes is one step, however small, towards pursuing that desire and then things will start to open up.

Ask yourself, “What is the next best step I can take to help me experience that desire?”

(Reading and researching don’t count. You tried that and you’re still stuck at your job.)

?Is it to join the next Improv/acting class?
?Is it to write the first chapter of the book?
?Is it to hire a voice coach?
?Is it to offer to sell your quilts to someone?
?Is it to make a FB/IG post letting people know you can cater their next event?
?Is it to tell friends, family, and coworkers about your published book on Amazon?

What is it?

Trust yourself to know the answer.

Then do it. And repeat.

You can do this.

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