How to Find Your Purpose: Part 1

Many of us think that we have to go somewhere outside of ourselves to find our purpose. I used to think that I had to go out and find it and then create myself around whatever that is. No, you are already whatever that is. Yeah, you may not have the actual title of it yet, but the core of what it is, is already in you.

So when I say “find” your purpose, I mean dig it up from underneath all the negative self-talk you’ve been telling yourself for all these years.

If you haven’t read the post on how I “found” my purpose, you can read it here. I had been telling myself for years that I couldn’t become someone who helped others improve their lives, feel better, and reach their goals. All while making money doing it. I said it so much that I started to believe it. So then, it became that I didn’t have a purpose or a passion at all. And that’s what I held on to. For years. I told myself that there was nothing that I was good at or interested in at all and ended up believing that too. I realize now that it was me having a pity party because I felt that what I truly wanted to do was not in reach.

So here are the steps to get past the drama in your head and get to the core of who you are:

  1. Ask yourself “What would I do for free to serve others?” “What comes easy for me?” “What do others say I’m good at?”
  2. Be honest and force yourself to answer.
  3. Remove the need to believe you can do it.
  4. Forget about how you will do it.
  5. Forget about what others will think.

Over the next few weeks, we will dig deeper into each one of these steps. I challenge you to really give this some thought and allow yourself to work through this without any self-judgement about what you think or what you want.

I’m available to help you work through these steps one-on-one. Click here to request a call for a FREE mini-session.

Gabrielle, The Thought Trainer


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