How to Stay Committed to Your Goal

From the previous two posts, you know the importance of setting goals and how to set goals. Now for the hard part.

Not giving up on your goals and seeing it through to the end is by far the hardest part. The obstacles that make up your to-do list (see previous post) are not always easy to get past (building a website is not as quick and easy as they make it seem, money is not coming fast enough, you don’t have time to take a course, etc.).

Even worse than those obstacles is the obstacle that is your brain. “You’re tired and you don’t feel like it. You’ve gone this long without it so it’s no big deal if you quit. If this was really meant to be, it would be easy. You’re doing it wrong. You’re never gonna reach it anyway so you might as well quit.”

Literally, everything that could go wrong will go wrong. Here are the steps that I use to keep myself on track:

  1. Know your compelling reason. This is basically your WHY. If it isn’t bigger than you, you probably won’t stick with it. My compelling reason for continuing to blog every week is because several of you let me know how much this content helps you. When I think about not following my plan for sitting down to write each week, I think about YOU. Literally what goes through my brain is, “What if today is the day that she truly needed to hear what you had to say and you decided not to show up…because you were tired or because you just didn’t feel like it?” Honaaaay! Let me tell you how that gets me moving!! Find your compelling reason. I promise you, it works.
  2. Anticipate as many obstacles as possible. Then decide AHEAD OF TIME how you will handle each one. I know that I will want to use all of the other things I have to do as a reason not to do my blog so I schedule my blogging time on my planner. That helps me decide ahead of time what I’ll be doing and what time so that I can fit it all in. Sometimes, I still don’t feel like it and that’s when I go to #1. No excuses.
  3. Tell someone else about your goal. Telling someone about your goal increases your chances of actually doing it because he/she will hold you accountable and you will not want to disappoint.
  4. Celebrate the victories. Celebrate your accomplishments! Big or small. When you get your blog up and running, treat yourself. When you finish a course, celebrate that! When you follow your plan for the week/month, that’s worth celebrating! When you get something done despite your kids giving you the blues, celebrate! It can be as simple as going to get Chick-fil-A (that’s what it looks like for me) or giving yourself the night off to Netflix and Chill. ? Whatever makes you feel good and inspires you to keep going, do that.

Staying committed to your goals is hard. I get it. But think about the person you’re becoming as you navigate through all of the mind drama. There will be so much growth. You’ll be so much stronger and confident. You’ll trust yourself more and more to get things done. You’ll be like “What’s next? Let’s do this!”

So yes, let’s do this! Schedule a free session with me and let’s find your purpose and get you setting some goals and living your life!

Gabrielle, The Thought Trainer


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