This industry is oversaturated.

The #1 myth I hear about being a life coach is that this industry is oversaturated.

I get clients that say “…but there’s already so many people doing <insert whatever they want to help people with>.”

It’s so interesting to me because you don’t hear people saying that about lawyers and doctors.

Even within those careers you don’t hear people saying, “…but there’s already so many cardiologists or entertainment lawyers.”

There can never be enough doctors because we will always need medical care.

Similarly, there can never be enough coaches because we will always need mental and emotional care.

Life coaching is not oversaturated. In fact, there are so many people who don’t even know who we are or that we exist yet, and are suffering because of it.

So, if you weren’t worried about the market being oversaturated, what would you do? Who would you help?


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