The ONE difference between those who know their purpose and those who don’t.

There is one difference that you may not know about between those who know their purpose and those who don’t.

Most of us walk around miserable, complaining about how we don’t know our purpose.

But beyond reading books and searching the Googles, we’re not actually doing anything to figure it out. 

We hope that something will jump out at us or that one day we’ll just wake up and all of a sudden just know what we’re meant to do. 

For 99.9% of us, that’s not how it happens. 

So we just keep going about our day-to-day doing unfulfilling work, complaining, and feeling miserable. 

I finally realized that my purpose was not gonna jump out at me (I was in the 99.9%) so I did what most people DON’T do. 

I started trying things.

I was willing to try things and get it wrong in order to figure it out.

I changed jobs.

I changed roles within my job.

I started fashion blogging.

I started reselling.

I tried starting an online boutique.

I tried things until I found what energized me and allowed me to make the impact that I wanted to make.

The only way to find what you’re meant to do is to be willing to get it wrong until you get it right.

If you’ve been feeling lost or out of touch with your purpose, take a look at your day-to-day activities. 

Where are you settling? What has become routine?

What are some curiosities or interests that you could try in order to discover a new part of yourself?


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