You don’t have to end world hunger to have purpose.

Listen up sis, you don’t have to have a mission to save the world in order to feel like your life has purpose. 

Who says your purpose has to be “End World Hunger” level?

One of the things that kept me stuck for a long time was thinking that my purpose had to be this huge ordeal. 

Like ending world hunger or Oprah or Beyonce status with all eyes on me. 

Nothing against any of that, but that’s not my type of party. The whole idea of it actually terrified me and caused me to settle in my job where I felt safe and unseen.

But what I know now is that purpose comes in all different shapes and sizes. 

It COULD be end-world-hunger-Oprah-Beyonce level.

But it could also be to write a book or to start a catering business or to become a quilter or a basketball coach or a comedian or a receptionist or open a fitness center or cleaning service.

It literally could be anything.

Only you know what your true desires are.

Don’t talk yourself out of wanting it because it doesn’t seem like it would make a huge enough impact in the world.

As long as it lights you up inside, it will impact others.

Give yourself permission to want what you want and to have it.


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