The ONLY Reason You Don’t Know or Do Your Purpose

There are all sorts of reasons people say they don’t know their purpose. They’re not passionate about anything. They’ve tried different things that turned out not to be it. They can’t think of anything they would do for free.

And even more reasons for why they are not doing their purpose. They tried it once (or twice) and it didn’t work. They don’t want to leave the security of their job. They don’t have the money. They’re waiting for their kids to get older. They’re scared it won’t work out.

There is only one reason people don’t know or do their purpose. They don’t believe it’s possible.

They don’t believe they can do that thing that lights them up for real so they dismiss it as not purpose-potential. They don’t believe it’s possible to make money doing it. They don’t believe they can do it “this late in life” thinking they’re too old or it’s too late. They don’t believe they can create a life they love without the hustle and bustle of traditional work.

Without the belief, all of these reasons seem valid. But when you believe that you’ve been put here for this assignment, those reasons become null and void. As impossible as it may seem, God will not give you a true desire for something that’s not possible for you.

So if you don’t know your purpose or are not doing your purpose, it’s because you don’t believe it’s possible.

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