This is what no one tells you when you choose your career…

I truly believe we make the best decisions to the best of our ability in the moment that we make them.

Many of us were raised to choose a career based on money and/or prestige. We were told that it was the way to success, so that’s what we did.

And everything is all good until you realize that your standards for success have changed.

Whereas it was the money and status that you valued back then, it is time, impact, and meaning that are more important to you now.

You have the money, but you don’t have time for your family because you’re working all the time which leaves you feeling guilty and disconnected. 

You have the status, but you’re just going through the motions doing meaningless work that leaves you feeling unfulfilled.

The problem is you have this career that you’ve invested so much into and you think you should just “stick it out.”

At what cost though?

At the cost of your relationship with your family or of your own happiness and fulfillment that comes from being in your calling?

The reality is that people change. Circumstances change. Desires change. Priorities change.

A good decision for you in the past doesn’t make it a good decision for you now.

Ask yourself, “Given what I know now, would I make the same decision today?”

If the answer is no, make a new decision that honors what’s important to you today.

You’re allowed to change your mind.

In fact, it’s necessary in order to become the person you’re meant to be. 

The person who wakes up excited because they’re doing meaningful work that’s adding value to people’s lives.

The person who gets home with plenty of time for dinner, conversations, and time to love on their family because they’re able to shut down their laptop at 4pm until the next day.

Give yourself permission to change your mind and become that person.

This is what I help my clients do in my program. They learn to make decisions that align with their own definition of success and they become the person who boldly creates the life they truly want, not what other people have told them they should want.

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