What NOT to focus on when choosing your niche

Here’s what NOT to focus on when choosing your niche:

1. Other coaches’ niches – It’s tempting to look at what niches are working for other coaches. All that means is they’ve found their perfect fit niche. You want to find the one that’s a perfect fit for you.

2. Your professional background or degrees – While it may feel safe to choose a niche in this area given your experience, check to see if it’s coming from what you think you SHOULD do or if it’s what you really WANT to do.

3. Making the most money – There is no niche that will make you most money except the one that is your aligned niche because you will show up in a way that makes your success inevitable.

Instead of these things, focus on using your GIFTS and life experiences to choose your aligned niche.

Need help with this? I got you.

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