Forget What You SHOULD Do

My client was so frustrated and confused about who she wanted to help in her business.

She was good at supporting professionals because of her career. So it “made sense” that she’d do that.

And then there was who she WANTED to help because of her life experiences and the impact she could make doing that.

But in her mind, she wasn’t “qualified” to help in that area because she didn’t have the professional experience.

Enter – – > niche drama.

It made perfect sense because of how we’re conditioned to see ourselves and our qualifications.

Our degrees and professional experiences determine our qualifications.

But what about our lifetime of working through, navigating, and overcoming certain life experiences outside of our professions?

What if being able to use those experiences to limit someone else’s suffering is what qualifies us?

With that perspective, she was able to move forward with what she really wanted.

And not what she thought she was supposed to want.

Way to go, Coach!! ?

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