Why Find a Meaningful Career?

Are you collecting a paycheck or are you making a difference AND collecting a paycheck? Most people are doing the former, but aspire to do the latter.

We want to do work that matters in the world. We want to help other people. We want to make a difference. And although it sounds all selfless and heroic, it really is about us. Think about how it feels to give someone a gift or to pay for coffee for the person behind you or to help an elderly person across the street. It feels good! And that’s ok! As humans, we crave that feeling. We want to experience it as much as possible.

This is where our jobs come in. Because we spend the majority of our time doing our jobs, we want to know that we’re making a difference by doing it. Why? Because it makes us feel good. AND we get paid for it.

And when we feel good and get paid for it, we create more good in the world by pouring into more people and more businesses. It’s a cycle that has no downside.

Gabrielle, The Thought Trainer

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