Why It Isn’t “Just the Way Life Is”

I remember getting to a point on my journey to finding my purpose where I told myself that “maybe this is just the way life is.”

I wasn’t having any luck figuring it out and even though I wasn’t making the kind of impact I wanted to make, I didn’t hate my job at all.

So I convinced myself that I should be grateful and satisfied with my life the way it was and not continue to pursue this whole purpose/fulfillment thing.

Honestly, that gave me some relief for a while. Looking back at it, I realize that the relief was because I got to avoid feeling uncertain and taking any risks. But that was at the expense of my fulfillment.

So of course the nudges started again.

I could settle for my life being “just the way it is” as if I didn’t have a say in it.

Or I could make it what I wanted it to be.

I chose the latter. I chose fulfillment over familiar, risk over comfort, growth over complacency, and future me over everything.

So no, it isn’t just the way life is. Life is the way you make it. 

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