Why Security Keeps You Stuck

We’ve been conditioned to believe that  security is THE feeling that we must have in order for all to be right in our lives.

We need to feel secure in our jobs and even in our relationships. If you think about it, neither of those are truly secure. We just think they are. Our jobs could go away at any moment. So could the people in our lives.

Yet we hold onto them at the expense of true fulfillment. Our need for security keeps us stuck in jobs that we don’t love and in situations that don’t serve us.

What if you didn’t need to feel secure? What would that be like?

I’ll tell you. It would be like going all in on you. It would be like not worrying about what other people think. It would be like betting on YOU over anything and everything else. Any day.

I’m betting on you. Let me help you bet on you. Click HERE to set up a free mini-coaching session with me.


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