How to Stop Dreading Your Job

Dreading your job does not have to be a thing.

It’s totally possible to be ok with your job, even if you know that the job is not in alignment with your purpose. You might believe that if you’re ok with your job then that means that you’ve settled for that and are not committed to living in your purpose. And that’s part of the reason why you dread it. You’re telling yourself that this is true and it’s totally not.

You also might believe deep down that you’re not good at it. Even if this is true (which I doubt), what good is it doing you to keep believing that? It makes you feel dread which causes you to do things that prove you’re not good at it (show up late, do sloppy work, not give 100% effort, complain, etc.).

Another reason you might feel dread is because you don’t like the people you work with. Not liking people is a very human thing. However, I find it interesting to be curious about why. It will show you more about yourself than the other person. It’s usually a mirror to show you what you don’t like about yourself. Either you wish you were more like that person or you don’t like that same characteristic about yourself.

You may never love your job, but dreading it is completely optional. You control the way you feel about it by how you think about it.

It’s possible to feel completely neutral or even good about it. Try it out. I guarantee you’ll feel so much more lighter and free. No more dread.

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