Why We Look Good

Looking good.

Most of us like to look a certain way when we are in the presence of others, but how far do we take it?

I read something the other day that said, “Looking good – In effect we’re saying, I don’t really like what I am inside, so I will pretend I am somebody different.”

Wow. Is that what we’re doing when we don’t do or be who we want to be deep down? Are we not liking ourselves on the inside because we know we’re capable of so much more? So we work overtime trying to prove to others that we’re somebody that we’re not?

It sounds crazy but it’s what a lot of us do!

So who are we trying to look good for exactly? Is it for the people who are judging anyway? Or is it for the infamous “they” that nobody can ever tell me the identity of?

It doesn’t matter. All that matters is whether you’re ok with it or not.

If you’re not ok with it, I want to talk to you. Click below for a free session.

Gabrielle, The Thought Trainer


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