5 Ways to Know If You’re In Your Purpose

Are you walking in your purpose? Are you doing the work that you were put on this Earth to do? Are you unsure? Here is how to know:

  1. You come alive when you are doing the work. You have this feeling that overcomes you and lets you know that this is what you were made for.
  2. The work at it’s core comes natural for you. Every aspect of it won’t be easy for you, but the main part of it will be. For example, me with life coaching. The actual coaching part comes natural for me. It’s easy. However, the marketing side of it is not as easy.
  3. In your mind, there is no other option. This is who you are. This is why you were created. For me, this is why I am okay with failing over and over again. I know that I am built for this so NOT doing this is not an option.
  4. There is nothing else you would rather be doing with your life. Now I’ll admit that sometimes I’d much rather be laying on the beach doing absolutely nothing. I also know it would get old and I’d be ready for something else. And coaching others to live in their purpose would be it. (Note: The goal is to coach WHILE laying on the beach – that will be life!)
  5. When you lay your head on your pillow at night, you feel proud of you. You know that you’re making a positive difference to someone, somewhere, somehow.

If these 5 ways don’t ring true for you, reach out. I truly want to help you find your thing. It will make all the difference in your life. And the life of those who you come in contact with.

Gabrielle, The Thought Trainer


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