Not signing paid clients?

I’ve been there myself and I’ve helped many clients with this same struggle.

Through that work, I’ve learned that there are only three things you need to do to sign paid clients:

1. Get out of niche drama – Feeling confused and uncertain about who you help and what you help them with keeps you stuck. And it makes your people feel confused and uncertain about YOU. So they’re not reaching out to you. Being in your aligned niche creates clarity and confidence for you and it creates clarity and certainty for your people.

2. Get clear on your messaging – When you are in your aligned niche, you know your people like no one else does. You’ve been where they are, so you know what their everyday lives look like. You can speak to them in a way that lets them see themselves in your messaging. Your clarity and confidence lets your people know you understand them and helps build trust that you can help them.

3. Get visible – When you’re clear on your messaging, you’re able to show up powerfully to deliver that message to whoever will listen. You want to be visible in places where your people hang out. At this point, it becomes a numbers game. The more people who know about you and what you offer, the more opportunities you have to reach those who need what you’re offering.

The steps are simple.

But it all starts with getting out of niche drama and into niche alignment.

And I can help you do that in my “Find Your Perfect Fit Niche” Call. By the end of the call, you will feel clear and confident about your niche and ready to serve your people.

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